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Project Description

Butcher Bird

Mini Publication
Creative Brief

Construct a mini publication and ephemera based on Richard Kadrey’s urban fantasy novel, Butcher Bird. The publication will offer a sample from the classic work of fiction. The design direction is to reflect the direction of the novel, showing an understanding and developed concept of the text.


The mini publication is a small literary experience enhanced by inventive graphic design. It will be a self contained package of items which will provide an engaging sample from Richard Kadrey’s publication.


The artwork approach is inspired by the main character Spyder’s true sight. With the assistance of spot uv the illusion of a tear is created along the outer enclosures. This tear acts as a visual to represent the bridging between our everyday world and Kadrey’s imaginative one. Alongside the covers and mini publication are selected ephemera which have been chosen and designed to reflect the course of the Kadrey’s novel.

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