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Project Description

Royal Botanic Gardens

Annual Report
Creative Brief

To construct a fresh and exciting anual report for the Royal Botanic Gardens. It is to be functional, engaging and a memorable publication. The main themes to explore and include are the discovery and sharing of knowledge and working towards a sustainable future. The publication’s design is also to reflect the vision, mission and values of the Gardens.


To create a distinctive, impactful and innovative publication that effectively communicates the core ideas and values of the organisation through the use of visual narrative. To use a flexible grid system in support of the layout’s text and image components. The publication should be bold, professional and fresh looking with inspiring typography, image–making and layout approach.


Inspired by the theme of a sustainable future a duotone of two contrasting natural shades has been chosen. Visually, the direction of the publication lends itself to the connection between nature and humanity together. To compliment this direction organic shapes have been used with flora–inspired line art. Foliage inspired textures and rounded typefaces have been used throughout the publication to allude towards the harmony created by the balance between nature and humanity.

Design Area | publication
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